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Gambling & You

Signs of a problem

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If you have questions or concerns about your gambling, support organisations such as Gambling Help Online have experienced staff that can provide information and advice, refer you to other sources of help and also tell you what may be available locally. This can include referral to sources of help about money and debt advice, along with identifying other suitable forms of personal help such as counselling and crisis support. Gambling Help Online can assist in finding free face-to-face counselling for those affected by a gambling problem either directly via its network of treatment providers across Australia.

Problem gamblers may benefit from help directed specifically at getting their gambling back under control, as well as help directed at managing the consequences of problem gambling such as debt, stress and relationship breakdown.

Ask someone for help

It takes greater strength to admit you need help than to pretend you don’t. You may be able to deal with your problem by yourself but it can be a lot easier with some support. Whether it’s a spouse, family member, friend or one of the support organisations listed below, if you need help it’s there.

There are plenty of support organisations, who specialise in assisting problem gamblers, which offer confidential help and advice (see quick link to support pages below).

If you don't feel comfortable getting counselling some of the ways to help regain control include:

Of course the best advice is to talk to someone and find professional help.

There is always a Solution to a Problem

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” -
Albert Einstein.

If you’re experiencing problems in your life don’t go sticking your head in the sand. Your problem will still be there when you resurface and you’re not going to find it any easier to solve with a head full of sand.  Tackle it head on and start to regain control over your life. Here are a few tips which might help.